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The Perfect End to the
Summer of Corner Love

Federal Brace is adding a third release to their ever-popular and growing series of designer corner supports. The Ashbury Corner Bracket, with a sleek and subtle design, mimics the best-selling Brunswick Countertop Support – creating a duo that can easily support both the standard kitchen countertop overhang along with the expansive overhang created at the junction of an L-shaped counter or island. Specifically built for situations in which support is both crucial and difficult to achieve, the Ashbury is an easy fit for L-shaped islands, bars or countertops, along with being a solution in locations where a homeowner or facility may desire to place a bar or shelving around a square post in an avant-garde, urban space.



Our Newest Low Profile Countertop Corner Supports

See how easy it is to install this great new Corner Overhang Support.