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Making solutions excite.


Every piece of furniture has the potential to fascinate people. With luxurious convenience that pampers its users. With perfect space economics to free up the home. With design that sets pulses racing. Hettich provides the key to cost effective differentiation with exceptional variety and simplifies its customers' workflow with products and services. Fascinated by solutions – that's what Hettich calls Fascin[action].

Hettich fitting solutions pamper furniture users in three experience dimensions: they will become space savers, ease makers, style scapers. Anyone interested in discovering what this means in detail will find the answer in the new web special:

Design to fall in love with
What is "attractive"? It's something that always lies in the eyes of the beholder. All the same, aesthetically appealing design is not left to chance. For impressive results, exacting design concepts can only be created with innovative, perfected technology: purist, handleless furniture design, large-surface cabinet fronts with precision, hairline reveals, high-performance working components hidden from view once they are installed. Aesthetic form is a treat for the eye – and for the soul. Because beauty and design perfection create a sense of harmony and well being. Feel it!

For a place to feel more at home in
Home – the place that's most important to people. This is where you can relax, recover from the challenges of everyday routine and enjoy your leisure time. User friendly furniture can create veritable feel good spaces. With furniture that provides ergonomic and practical benefits and exudes an atmosphere of peace and calm. The user takes pleasure in whisper quiet cabinet doors that open to a wide angle and close in virtual silence, finds delight in drawers that silently glide in and out. And comes to appreciate storage space that's easy to reach. All this can be done with Hettich. With fascinating technology for furniture. Because convenience, ergonomics and well being shouldn't be a luxury.

More storage space – more free space!
Living space is becoming more and precious. More and more people are looking for solutions to managingwith less living space. The challenge: making the most efficient use of any room without cluttering it. And freeing up new space in the bargain. This is precisely where the intelligent storage space concepts from Hettich come in. Whether small or large rooms: Hettich fitting solutions create and utilise every last inch of storage space. Stored away, household items are hidden from view and yet in easy reach. This cleverly structures rooms and makes it easy to keep everything neat and tidy. The result is a new style of home living: space conscious, structured, uncluttered.



NeoCon Unveils 2024 CEUs and Workshops

NeoCon Unveils 2024 CEUs and Workshops

NeoCon announces an impressive lineup of CEUs and workshops for this year's event, with more than 50 programs featuring speakers from leading associations, universities, architecture and design firms, and top media outlets, as well as experts in workplace, sustainability, and emerging technology.