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Executive Briefing Conference 2017

The Executive Briefing Conference (EBC) is an annual event that brings together leaders and experts in the woodworking industry to share insights and best practices.

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Rethink Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, offering more opportunities than ever before to companies looking to embrace new technology, methodologies, and a positive outlook. With advanced data and metrics, manufacturers can now optimize their processes to levels never before possible.

Thanks to technology, production goals once thought impossible are now a reality. You too can gain valuable knowledge and tap into game-changing advancements to propel your company forward. Are you ready to take the leap into the new age of manufacturing?

Join us in the heart of the American manufacturing industry for insightful educational briefings, exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of advanced facilities focused on the future of manufacturing, and the opportunity to network with industry leaders.

It’s time to rethink manufacturing. Transformation starts with you.




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About the Executive Briefing Conference

The Executive Briefing Conference is designed to equip company leaders with the essential knowledge they need to make informed decisions for their company's future success. Through intensive briefings, thought-provoking speakers, case studies, plant tours, and networking opportunities, decision-makers can gain the necessary knowledge, strategies, and attitudes to thrive in today's manufacturing world. Since its inception in 2002, the EBC has become the go-to event for key manufacturers to connect and explore innovative ways to succeed. By offering both strategic and practical information that addresses manufacturing challenges, the EBC provides a platform to learn about new technologies and methods and discover opportunities in a non-commercial setting.

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The Executive Briefing Conference (EBC) is an annual event that brings together leaders and experts in the woodworking industry to share insights and best practices. The EBC 2017 was held on April 23-25 at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The speakers at the EBC 2017 were:

  • Dr. Alan Beaulieu, President of ITR Economics, who gave the keynote address on the economic outlook for the woodworking industry and the global economy.
  • Dr. Mark Frasco, President of COACT Associates, spoke about how to create a sales culture and drive revenue growth.
  • Dr. Jeff Dietrich, Senior Analyst at ITR Economics, who discussed the impact of technology and innovation on the future of manufacturing.
  • Dr. Todd Thomas, Executive Director of Strategy and Innovation at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, shared his insights on how to implement lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.
  • Mr. Jim Sherbert, CEO of Bush Industries, presented a case study on how his company transformed its business model and operations to compete in the e-commerce market.
  • Mr. Scott Nelson, President and CEO of Dura Supreme Cabinetry, shared his experience on how to develop and retain talent in the woodworking industry.
  • Mr. Matt Lundahl, CEO of Meyer & Lundahl Manufacturing Company, showcased his company’s use of robotics and automation to increase productivity and quality.
  • Mr. David Biggs, Managing Director of Woodworking Network, who moderated a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the woodworking industry.

These were some of the speakers at the EBC 2017. You can find more information about the event and the speakers on the EBC website

What Past Attendees Say About the EBC

“This was the most organized and quality conference I have ever attended! Facility and food were amazing. Speakers offered great applicable information!” 
- Kevin Gray
, Custom Wood Products Inc.
“Overall, excellent. Lots of different topics; really appreciate the insight to industry changes. Also, thought the discussion and key points on benchmarking were well done and very informative for any size company.” - Chris Utz,  American Woodmark
“The EBC met and exceeded all our expectations. The presentations were timely and addressed cutting edge issues and the opportunity to network with thought leaders in our industry was invaluable.”
- Glenn Ripley, Mission Bell Mfg Co

EBC 2017 Agenda

The agenda for the Executive Briefing Conference is designed and curated to provide attendees with, in-depth educational opportunities, behind-the-scenes tours of advanced manufacturing facilities and exclusive networking opportunities.

Enjoy presentations from experts in economics, labor, manufacturing, and transformation, as well as tours of world-class facilities, including the Ford River Rouge Factory. Our agenda will also allow plenty of networking and interaction with fellow attendees.

Click the dates below to view the current agenda for the event.

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Producing Opportunity

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