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Decor Selection 2018 – Schattdecor’s “Best Sellers of Tomorrow

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The Decor Selection, which comes out every other year in March, is Schattdecor’s presentation of its top decors. The designs chosen for this selection are considered to have global potential and represent our key successes based on overall feedback from trade fairs. The selection includes decors that the surface specialist believes to be potential best sellers and that have also enjoyed positive feedback from our customers. The Decor Selection 2018 is Schattdecor’s trend update, and also serves as a handy guide.

Back in 2017, the company presented four trend themes – “Micro Housing,” “Community Zone,” “Ageless Living,” and “Smart Home” with extensive displays at international trade fairs. A total of nine decors with major market potential have emerged in these areas. There are also two additional decors included in the Decor Selection in each of the major markets, which were specially selected for these markets. Here is an overview of the trend themes and their decors:

Ageless Living
The Ageless Living trend largely revolves around sophisticated stone textures, metal surfaces, and dark, matte wood tones in oak or walnut. In addition to matte black, dark blue and green also play a central role. Textiles and leather surfaces complement the stylish appearances.The decors: “Corodona,” “Biscaya Oak,” and “Teramo.”

Micro Housing
Growing urbanization means that living space is at a premium, and increasingly expensive housing space demands new solutions for the future. Schattdecor’s Micro Housing theme focuses on the needs of the people that fit this trend.The decors: “Kitami” and “Iceland Pine.”

Smart Home
Homes are becoming increasingly digitized and already contain plenty of smart solutions, which work away inconspicuously in the background. As always, the primary concern is to achieve a sense of comfort and warmth within your own four walls. Digital devices need to be clear and easy to operate. This feeds into a certain purism, functionality, and restrained natural aesthetic for the design and decor. The decors: “Ventura Chestnut” and “Jackson Hickory.”

Community Zone
In a society where new types of communities are playing a crucial role, conventional layouts are disappearing. They are being replaced by custom-made configurations so that living spaces can be designed to cater to the inhabitants and their needs. The individuality of this style meets the needs of the Community Zone target group. The decors: “Cuscino” and “Catania Oak.”

Schattdecor will be presenting its Decor Selection at road shows and in-house trade fairs beginning in March. For more information about the surface specialist and its decors and products, see


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