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cyflex s

the technology in only 8 sqm

The small machining centre  for vertical drilling able to produce  up to  400 pieces per shift, ideal for batch  1 production and drilling on 5 faces of  the panel with routing and grooving  operations. Reliability and flexibility with the reduced maintenance of the drilling unit (it is recommended after than 1000 hours/work) and with shortest machining cycles and zero downtime for setup operations.                                                                

Maximum freedom in the processing of different types of material (MDF, chipboard, panels with soft finishing etc.) and panels of small dimensions.     Cyflex s,  your successful partner always ready to give you the best with limited investments, equipped with kW 5,5 electrospindle and drilling unit with 18 independent spindles and saw-blade in X along the whole surface of the panel.  

It can process the following dimensions:                                

Length        from   200 to 3050mm                                                                     High            from  70    to 900mm                                                                 Thickness   from  10    to 60mm






Easy and intuitive:          Xilog Maestro the CAD/CAM Software designed and developed entirely by  SCM in Windows environment that allows to program easily any element to be realized. It provides the customer with all the tools necessary for the design, the management of the tools and related processes.



The machine takes care to assure:
*  absolute accuracy, the device for automatic piece length reading ensures accurate drilling without errors;
* absolute flexibility,  the prorgrammable stop allows to work pieces already processed (dowels,  Toe-Kick  etc.). 



Maximum work-piece stability and high machining quality:     with clamp with bottom floating opening that does not  need any adjustment and with the table with anti-scratch Bakelite that allows  high quality also to process panel with delicate surface and zero inaccuracy in horizontal drilling process thanks to dedicated pressure devices.




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Producing Opportunity

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