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CM Group to demonstrate STRONG REASONS WHY and LEAN MANUFACTURING at this year’s IWF

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Booths 6052 & 6069
Attendees will enjoy an interactive exhibition space with over 14,000 square feet dedicated to the group's lean manufacturing technology and advanced integrated solutions. "Strong Reasons Why" and “Lean Manufacturing” will be the driving concepts behind SCM Group’s strong values, which translate into tangible benefits for their customers and demonstrates their ability to offer industry professionals an extremely wide and complete range of woodworking products and solutions.

An impressive arrangement of SCM product lines will be featured and visitors will see first-hand their machines in action through live demonstrations, along with industry experts available to advise attendees on the most efficient and productive solutions to maximize performance.

SCM Group will be demonstrating nesting coupled with a Kawasaki Robot tending an Edgebander and CNC doweling machine. Parts will be produced for Cabinet Assembly in a CPC Through Feed Case Clamp. The cell will be producing cabinets- one base and one wall – which SCM will donate to Habitat for Humanity. SCM and EdgeAutomation have designed the cell to show the viability of robotic installations in small to medium size shops.

SCM will be hosting educational demonstrations daily during the duration of the show. Make sure to register today as space is limited to see first-hand how to convert the LEAN Manufacturing concept into reality.

• SCM Pratix S15 D Nesting Cell, developed with lean manufacturing in mind, is handled by a single operator offloading nested components or managed by a robot. Included is the automatic loading and unloading with reduced space due to the "PRO-SPACE" protections which have no fences and allows free access also from the rear of the machine.
• OMAL Velox 1300, a CNC machine to drill, glue and insert dowels with a 1300mm (50”) working field. It has a cycle time of approximately ONE second for each bore, glue, and dowel insertion when holes are on 32 mm intervals. The OMAL “SURE SHOT” revolver system guarantees a dowel is inserted every time.
• SCM Olimpic K 560 T-ER2 edgebander will have twelve different servo driven units that are capable of doing all the fine tune adjustments from the controller and capable of running two different radii without any tooling or motor change.
• Kawasaki ZX 130 L, is a large payload, 6 axis robot with Series E Controller. The robot will be shown unloading a nesting machine along with loading an edgebander and bore and dowel machine. • CPC Action 2500 Through Feed Case Clamp, is a through feed cabinet case clamp powered by brushless motors and driven by rack & pinon transmission. It incorporates a full top platen for cabinet pressing. Equipped with an infeed and outfeed conveyor, the machine is able to close and square a cabinet every minute and is pre-arranged for stapling in the future.
• OMAL HMT 3100 French Miter Machine, a CNC machine to mill French Miter Doors and Frames with both Mortise and Tenon or Dowel Connection. Additionally, the machine has a vertical and horizontal router for applying the bead or door profile, plus a Haunching Saw to create the 45 degree cut. The CNC back fence allows the machine to be quite universal processing doors with deep profiles as well as narrow frames parts with shallow beads. The machine is also equipped with a 45 degree table for traditional miter doors and special straightening dogs to straighten bowed stiles. OMAL Frame is integrated into Wood System and allows users to design the door or frame on the fly or download it from the office.

Visit SCM’s LEAN Robotic Automation and discover:
• Automated Flexible Production: 60 – 80 cabinets per shift
• Lower Labor Cost: Maximum of two direct employees
• High ROI: Achieve less than 24 months payback

SPACE IS LIMITED. REGISTER TODAY for daily demonstrations on LEAN Robotic Automation.

SCM’s Flexible Panel Processing Cell will be demonstrating flexible panel inventory management coupled with labelling and loading a nesting and sawing machine. • Mahros Flexstore is a 30 x 50’ flexible panel storage and retrieval system capable to be expanded in the 50’ direction. The machine can manage 4×8 to 5×12’ panels with a thickness range from ¼” to 2”. Managed by SCM’s Watchstore software, the system can provide dynamic delivery of panels to the M400 and Galaxy 2 plus manage the panel warehouse and labelling machine. It is set up for lights out panel sorting and labelling, plus has SMS messaging in case there are issues during the night.
• Morbidelli Author M 400 is equipped with automatic labelling and represents the pinnacle of nested base manufacturing with a large drill head, 25 vertical spindles, a heavy duty 16 HP electrospindle with 16 position rotary changer, and auto load/unload with upper and lower dust collection hoods on the unloading conveyors. The machine is integrated into the Flexible Panel Processing Cell and will process nests on demand as part of the total system. • Gabbiani Galaxy 2, a 12’ panel saw features a 4” book height, 24 HP Main Blade, 2.5 HP Scoring Blade with NC adjustment, 3 air tables, optimized blade adjustment, double side aligners PLUS Gabbiani’s FLEXCUT 1/FULL, separate NC gripper solution. The FLEXCUT 1/FULL allows optimized strip cross cutting with two different dimensions at the same time improving panel saw performance and cutting speed up to 15%. The machine will be shown with Ottimo Perfect Cut Optimizationsoftware.


Solid Wood Processing

• Accord 40 FX is equipped with the ulitmate technology: The MATIC automatic worktable; PRISMA 5-axis machining head with robust and powerful "High-Torque" electro spindle that guarantees maximum strength during routing operations and provides top finishing quality with high stock removal; BRC – machining unit for cutting, routing and boring both vertically and horizontally without needing a tool changer; MACH 5 Shuttle for rapid tool change; TRC 48 store with 48 stations; and PRO-SPEED Safety System that allows maximum accessibility to the work table and safety for the operator.

Panel Processing

• NEW Morbidelli Cyflex HP, one of the most eagerly awaited products, is a vertical machining center designed for boring and routing operations requiring less floor space. Thanks to the two independent boring heads; software that optimizes any boring layouts; and a powerful router spindle with automatic tool changer cycle times are improved, making it the ideal solution for companies that require quick set-up times to manage batch one orders.

• Morbidelli Uniflex HP, a work center designed for boring, routing, grooving and dowelling operations that integrates the effectiveness of a boring line with the flexibility of a machining center. It features both upper and lower machining units that allows for simultaneous machining operations on opposite sides of the panel.

• Morbidelli Planet 800, the first time on display, is a machining center for boring, routing and edge treatment developed to increase performance and competitiveness in the production of custom products. A unique functionality is the innovative Matic worktable and automatic workpieces separation function that allows various panels to be machined with a single loading operation to increase flexibility and productivity that no other solution can provide.

At this year's IWF, showcased will be the higher-end edgebanding machines and this will be the first time SCM will introduce this recent innovative technology to the market. • SCM Olimpic K800 FRT, a machine eqiupped with AirFusion, will also include the SGP Glue Pot that is capable of running both EVA and PUR glue. • Stefani Solution MD will be assembled with a belt hold down, the SGP glue pot and CNC controlled glue application. • Stefani Solution XD will come with several multi-edge servo driven work units. It will have the PU Box L PUR glue system, along with the SGP Glue pot.

Wide Belt Sanders
View a range of flexible sanding systems with maximum performance and diversified machining at the highest finishing level. The Sandya 600 and Sandya 900 offers a wide range of technological solutions, allowing the possibility of customizing the machines' compositions.

SCM Group's Artis division will be displaying the latest technology in Classical machinery. The products highlighted below is some of the latest technology that will be featured. Plus, as a proud sponsor of Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac, stop by to meet Tommy for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to view a live recording.

• SCM Startech CN, the NEW universal drilling and CNC panel sawing machine designed for both small and medium-sized companies as well as big carpentry industries producing non-standard products or developing prototypes. Thanks to its 7 independent vertical spindles, with spindle and blade in a cross (X) pattern, and the ability to drill also in a Y pattern, this drilling machine allows you to produce finished furniture elements without the need to replace drill bits and without requiring the operator to set up the machine and adjust the worktop according to changes in panel dimensions.

• L’invincible Six circular saw offers options for oblique cuts at +-46°, a first-class product of SCM's design and technical excellence.

From a celebrity appearance to product demonstrations and networking with industry leaders – there's a lot happening on SCM's show floor!

• LEAN Robotic Automation Demonstrations: Interactive daily presentations – 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 3:30 p.m.
• Meet and Greet with Tommy MacDonald, host of Emmy nominated series, Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac. Stop by Booth 6052 on Thursday, August 25 from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. to meet Tommy and enter for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to view a live recording of the show.

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