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Biesse Group surprises also in the first half of 2016: further growth, backlog at record highs, unstoppable in North America

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Pesaro, 3 August 2016 – Keeping pace with the record results of 2015 could appear no easy task for the Biesse Group; nevertheless, the Consolidated Report for the First Half demonstrates with facts and figures that the Group is continuing to surpass itself also in the first half of 2016.
‘We must underline the extraordinary ability of the Biesse Group to produce organic sales growth, i.e. €283.4 M (+15.4% in the first half of 2016 compared to the previous year with an astounding +24.9% in the second quarter), albeit in the presence of numerous political and economic challenges at the global level. We achieved a 16.1% increase in order intake and recorded a record high order backlog: over €178 M in value for growth of almost 28%, all corroborated by net cash generation exceeding all expectations, so much so as to virtually cancel debt at the end of June’ underlines Stefano Porcellini, Group General Manager.
The secret to this constant growth lies in the Group's ability to invest in strategic assets, first and foremost in human capital which is growing hand in hand with the increase in the Group's turnover and which now exceeds 3,450 employees, excluding temporary staff.
Then innovation, in terms of both the level of technology in the Group's products, as well as its ability to expand and complete its range and experience, are winning factors in the Biesse Group's vision. It is no coincidence in fact that it is precisely the 4.0 solutions, relating to the so-called Smart Factory, which have recorded significant increases, thanks to the Biesse Group's ability to apply them not only to large but also to medium-sized installations. Through the recent acquisition (May 2016) of the Vicenza company Uniteam, the Group has opened the door to new synergies and opportunities, penetrating a strategic “niche" sector such as that of wood carpentry (structural beams and façades) and expanding its presence in the plastics and advanced composite materials processing segment.
The figure, therefore, which sees Biesse as the first Italian Group in the field of wood, glass and marble processing machines and the second player in the world in terms of revenue, but with growth rates well above the German competition, is further consolidated. Leadership which is also confirmed overseas; in Melbourne, in fact, during the Awisa Fair in July, the Group received orders for nearly AUD 20 M and announced the creation of a new 5,000 sqm campus in Sydney (Oceania Group Campus).
Then revenue growth in North America during the first half of 2016 was astounding: +35.2% over the same period in 2015. ‘The overall results communicated in the Group's 1st Half Report also fully
Biesse Group surprises also in
the first half of 2016: further growth,
backlog at record highs,
unstoppable in North America
represent the particular situation in the North America and Canada: turnover and orders growing; an expanding workforce, especially at the technical level; a new and spacious Campus in Charlotte, a unique example of its kind, which is attracting visitors from all over the country, offering them a complete pre-sales or simply informative experience through dedicated events and meetings. These are the premises that will allow us address the IWF trade fair in Atlanta from 24 to 27 August 2016 with the greatest enthusiasm, where Biesse will participate with a stand of over 17,000 sq ft, increasing the display area by 40% compared to the previous edition, confident to continue in this wake of successes also on this occasion’ says Federico Broccoli Wood Division/Sales Director and CEO/President of Biesse America.


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