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Beautiful & functional

Blum Inspirations

She’s a model and wants things to look beautiful; he’s a marketing expert and likes everything to be practical. Melanie Raff and Marco Hornug have teamed up to make their dream come true. They have a kitchen that combines both aesthetics and functionality.

The view from their kitchen offers direct views of a mountain lake and the rolling hills.

 “We both feel very much at home in these surroundings,” Melanie said.

 “The kitchen is the hub of our home,” Marco added. “That’s why it was so important to us to implement our ideas and think through our everyday routine in detail when planning everything.”

The couple mainly uses fresh ingredients from the area.  “I love to shop at the farmers market or in our little corner shop. Fresh tomatoes, juicy cucumbers and crisp lettuce — it’s the look of things that makes my mouth water,” Melanie said.

Marco reigns over the cooktop.  “He does a lot of cooking. He loves to prepare food, and his dishes are really delicious,” Melanie said.

Practice has made Marco perfect.

I used to use recipes,” he admitted. But now that he knows how to handle ingredients and combine aromas, he conjures up meals with the items Melanie buys. “Often, I don’t know what the dish will turn out to be when I first start: Italian or Asian?”

The couple’s island kitchen is stylish through and through. “The minimalist white fronts radiate a wonderful calm,” Melanie said with a smile.

 The model likes things to be natural in her private life but agrees it’s important to introduce contrasts. That’s why the couple discussed the striking worktop around the sink at great length.

“We didn’t want conventional stainless steel because you can see all the fingerprints. I wanted a modern, slightly industrial feel,” Melanie said.

The two of them were able to find a solution: a 5-milometer worktop of hot-rolled stainless steel that was produced in a single piece, without joints or seams.

Marco, a passionate chef, is pleased with the smooth workflows and functional solutions that make cooking easy. The layout of the kitchen cabinets has been geared exactly to his everyday routine so everything is within easy reach.

“And I can’t complain about not having enough storage space, either,” he said with a grin. “When we planned the kitchen, we worked out exactly where every item should be kept.”

The large drawer, for instance, provides enough space for kitchen utensils so they’re exactly where they’re needed. The preparation area between the cooktop and the sink has a nice width and depth. There’s plenty of space for cutting vegetables or rolling out dough. Easy!

But what about the trash? No problem. The waste bins are in a drawer directly under the sink that has been equipped with SERVO-DRIVE, the electric motion support system by Blum. All you have to do is nudge it with your hip, knee or foot, and it opens by itself. It closes again softly and effortlessly with integrated soft-close BLUMOTION.

“It’s ideal for a multi-tasker like me,” Marco said. “My hands are always wet or full, so this solution really pays off every day.”

The electric motion support system has been implemented throughout the kitchen and supports the trend toward contemporary, handleless, touch-to-open fronts. Even the extra wide drawers that are fully loaded with storage goods glide open at a single touch.

 “If you know exactly where everything goes, tidying up your kitchen is quick and easy,” Melanie said with a smile.

There is an extra switch for turning off SERVO-DRIVE if you want — to clean the fronts, for instance. “Typical Blum,” Marco said. “The products are well thought out and are at the top in terms of quality.”

The slim and clear-cut design of the LEGRABOX drawers (made of stainless steel with anti-fingerprint coating) greatly contributes to the fine synergy of aesthetics and functionality. The matching AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system organizes interiors beautifully.

“Melanie loved the elegant, clear-cut design from the start. And I had to have the knife holder and spice tray,” he added.

Just one question remained to be answered while Melanie served the hearty quiche with crisp lettuce: Did either of them have to lower their expectations?

“No, no,” the couple answered reassuringly. All of their ideas and wishes have been implemented to the fullest in their new kitchen.

“Melanie’s sense of aesthetics and my affinity for functionality do not exclude each other. In fact, our requirements complement one another to produce a perfect kitchen,” Marco summed up.

“We’re simply an unbeatable team!” Melanie confirmed.




Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

Months after opening in the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Forest Products Sawmill is poised to bolster healthy forest management, aid in post-fire restoration, and enhance the local economy.

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