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AkzoNobel embraces the sweet life with Spiced Honey – Color of the Year 2019

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AMSTERDAM – Spiced Honey has been unveiled by AkzoNobel as the Color of the Year for 2019. The
shade was selected following expert research into global trends, insights and consumer behavior.
Perfectly capturing this year’s theme, “Let the light in,” the warm amber tone is being marketed under
well-known decorative paints brands such as Dulux, Coral, Levis and Flexa.

It’s a versatile and contemporary choice, complementing a wide variety of lifestyle and interior design
preferences. It also expresses the new sense of optimism felt throughout the global trend research that
was carried out.

“Today’s reveal of Spiced Honey is another milestone in empowering consumers worldwide to choose
paint colors with absolute confidence,” said Heleen van Gent, Creative Director of AkzoNobel’s Global
Aesthetic Center. “It’s a color that can be calming or nourishing, stimulating and energizing, depending
on the light and colors surrounding it.”

Trend research is a vital part of identifying the Color of the Year, and it plays a big role in helping
AkzoNobel meet the needs of its customers around the world.

While the Color of the Year is of major significance for the decorative paints market, the insight that is
gathered is also highly relevant to AkzoNobel’s coatings portfolio. For example, the Specialty Coatings
business translates the annual trend research for customers in the consumer electronics and
automotive markets. Meanwhile, color stylists at Wood Coatings use the information to offer on-trend
color selections for product developers and designers in major markets, such as furniture, cabinetry,
flooring and building products.

“Our latest trend research shows that people around the world are experiencing a renewed sense of
energy, optimism and purpose,” continued Van Gent. “We want to reach out, engage with others and
make things better. Spiced Honey reflects those desires. Last year, many of us were left unsettled by
global events, so we closed our doors to retreat and regroup. Now we feel ready to open our windows
and let the light in.”