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About us

About Us

Surface & Panel is the only magazine focused exclusively on the design, manufacture and marketing of panel-based furniture and casegoods. By uniting decorative surfaces, panel products and the latest in processing technology, Surface & Panel is on the leading edge of product design and innovation.

Because panel processing is an international language, our editorial product is without borders, delivering fresh ideas in design, marketing and production from around the world. With 30,000 readers in the United States and Canada, Surface & Panel is the specifier’s source for emerging ideas… and what’s hot in tomorrow’s products.

When it was launched in 2003, readers and advertisers immediately realized that Surface & Panel was more than just a new magazine… it’s a new way to look at the panel based furniture industry. Borders are blurring. No matter where your plants or markets are, companies from across the globe have access to the same technology, the same substrates, the same overlays and the same hardware that you do. The difference is how you bring it all together.

Rising to this challenge requires putting the varied materials and technologies of our industry into context with successful design and marketing of finished products. This is precisely what Surface & Panel is dedicated to deliver. Our fresh approach springs from the core belief that launched Surface & Panel. Today’s markets reward only the most agile and innovative.

Here’s what some of our readers have to say about Surface & Panel:

Just read the fall issue of Surface & Panel. Best woodworking publication I now read! At last I don’t have to read 50 pages of machinery ads to get one page of product design content. I have managed factories before, even owned them, however, other wood working magazines miss the importance of product development and prefer to focus on the machine and not the resulting product. And, machine manufacturers should be focusing on what kind of products the consumer desires … that their machine can produce in a new and unique way … as a way to the heart of their customer, the wood working factory owner. Surface & Panel is right on the money.

Roger Hockett
President & Owner
Workspaces Inc.
New Castle, WA

“Just received my copy of the fall issue of Surface & Panel. Read the magazine from cover to cover. In my 29 years in this industry; this is the best issue I have ever seen or read.”

John Higgins
Corporate Solutions
Aurora, IL

Not the same old, same old!
Nice layout.
Looking forward to the next issue.

J Hunter Fox
Mr. O’s Cabinet Shop, INC.
North Canton, OH