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Engineered Materials Drive Design Creativity

Terry Babij , industry insider and social media strategist with insync4 recently posted about "Collaborations" Coulors + Lines, a feature at IDS12.  Within the 200 sq. ft experimental space UUfie & DuPont™ Corian® presented these exciting Peacock chairs.

Each of these chairs is made from 1 sheet of DuPont Corian that has been carefully cut, bent and folded. The solid surface material is thermoformed, cut and stretched to make these remarkable chairs. 

DuPont Corian, solid surface, peacock chair


Check out Babij's blog for more information about UUfie.

The project is an excellent example of the way innovative deisgners are reinventing traditional design using the media of engineered materials. What examples of design that bends, stretches and folds the imagination inspire you?

DuPont Corian, Peacock chair, solid surface


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