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High-Density MDF in Bracket Backers by Federal Brace

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Federal Brace LogoFederal Brace makes Euro-styled countertop support brackets and corbels for mounting surfaces to panels. The company unveiled its line at KBIS this year and recently introduced a complementary Bracket Backer product with online video installation guides, making it easier to take advantage of the high-end functional and decorative supports’ capacity. The mill-worked boards are available in two decorative edges -- rounded and now Quadra Ogee -- on the lengths and bottom width. Scott Toal, president and CEO of Federal Brace and its parent company Short Run Pro, shared some insight with S&P about why high-density fiberboard has the perfect look and performance a quality Bracket Backer requires.

S&P:  Why did you you develop the Bracket Backer component? Bracket Backer

ST:  The popularity and increasing use of countertop extensions, half-wall bar top and other countertop serving and seating applications has increased the use of brackets that support granite. As we note often, the support of the countertop extension involves not only the brackets but also the support structure on which the brackets are installed. As more and more of these brackets are used in both new construction and particularly in renovations, we found the necessity of protecting softer wall materials behind the countertop support brackets. This is where the Bracket Backer came to be. It serves to product drywall and other materials that would otherwise be damaged by the heavy weight of the countertop. Any instance of shelf support, mantel or stone support where a wall covering may be impressed or crushed by the weight of a supported application is a possible use for a Bracket Backer. Of course, they can also dress up the look of standard supports. As a finished molding product they look great.

S&P:  How does the backer add value to your existing bracket product? 
ST:  The Bracket Backer product adds value to Federal Brace customers looking to renovate a kitchen or bath. When an existing wall board must support some heavy weight, the Bracket Backer is a solution that helps to design with and protect the material that’s already there. 

Bracket Backer boards

S&P:  What other benefits does the board bring to a project?
ST:  Because the material used in Bracket Backers is technically a high-density MDF called HDF, which we obtain from multiple suppliers, the boards can provide credit in environmental ratings systems such as LEED, Green Globe, NAHB’s Green Building Standards and CARB. Also the high recycled content of the board is excellent for environmental consideration.

S&P: Short Run Pro is a metal fabricator. Does the company also have woodworking capabilities?
ST:  Just like all Federal Brace products, the Bracket Backers are manufactured here in the U.S. That is our commitment and our mission. Wood milling is an area that Short Run Pro is just getting into. Bracket Backer boards are a bit of an introduction in that material. 



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