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Countertop Edge Profiler

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Leif L. Larson
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Countertop Edge Profiler

DESIGN IS IN THE DETAILS. A countertop edge, for instance, presents an array of choices the average consumer may not have originally thought about. Quality design software has long recognized the need to match this attention to detail in its presentation in order to win over traditional woodworkers to modern technology. KCD Software, developers of vivid 3D custom cabinet and closet design programs, recently launched the "Countertop Edge Profiler." This built-in feature allows easy application of countless edge choices to a countertop design.

The Countertop Edge Profiler wraps any edge shape and material around the entire countertop with a click of the mouse. Building on the success of KCD's Molding Maker, it utilizes the "Intelligent Application Formula." "It sounds complicated but really couldn't be easier for the customer," explains Tim Murphy, President and head programmer of KCD Software. "Once an edge shape and material is chosen, this feature instantly applies it to all and only those places on the countertop that are likely going to need a custom edge. The areas lining the refrigerator and stove, for instance, would not require a fancy edge shape, so those areas remain straight."

As with the Molding Maker feature, the cabinet maker and countertop designer remains in control. "We made the quick ability to alter individual sections a priority," says Murphy. After the edges are applied to the countertop, the designer can double-click on any particular section to apply a different edge or remove the edge from areas chosen by the Profiler.

As technology advances, those in the market for cabinetry and countertops have become savvy comparison shoppers. Their choices have increased and they demand unique styles to fit their personality but don't bust the budget. "One is always looking for a point of differentiation in the marketplace when you are a woodworker," says Markus Raves, Director of Marketing for Surteco Canada Ltd. Designers and manufacturers have found that more and more customers want a detailed representation to approve before committing. As John Filippelli writes in, "Dealers have found that moving toward displays that show complete kitchen and bath concepts that are fully accessorized is the best way to allow clients to truly conceptualize these designs and picture them in their own homes." Software like KCD's Cabinet and Closet Design Suite, gives those customers photo-realistic 3D representations. "Being able to include a fancy, custom edge just makes the picture pop," adds Murphy.

Cabinet makers using design software have made a point to request innovations like the Countertop Edge Profiler. "We kept hearing that all the software out there tended to require a time-consuming process to add a custom edge," says Murphy. He explains that previously, manually applying your own edge was done piecemeal, one section at a time, while the Countertop Edge Profiler applies the edge to all the likely areas on the entire countertop in an intelligent way. As Murphy puts it, "Our customers two highest priorities remain 'ease-of-use' and an accurate 3D representation. The Countertop Edge Profiler provides both."

The Profiler is compatible with any custom design in the cabinet maker's personal library, KCD's extensive list of edge shapes and styles, as well as supporting the edge designs of laminate companies such as Formica and Whitehall, among others.

As with all the design features in KCD Software's Custom Cabinet and Closet Design Suite, the Countertop Edge Profiler provides a detailed cut list and pricing, along with the vivid 3D image for the manufacture and customer to be able to make the most informed choices possible.

KCD Software is an award-winning manufacturer of custom software designed to facilitate woodworkers, designers, builders and renovators of cabinetry and closets. KCD Software offers multi-tiered programs to design, price, and build cabinet and closets for both traditional and CNC Construction. This is backed by free technical support and a commitment to each customer's success.

"Dealers have found that moving toward displays that show complete kitchen and bath concepts that are fully accessorized is the best way to allow clients to truly conceptualize these designs and picture them in their own homes."



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