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PANELITE to focus on Energy-Saving ClearShade IGU and Bonded Series product lines

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ClearShade Insulating Glass Unit

Since Panelite launched the ClearShade IGU nearly a decade ago, the call for resource-efficient materials continues to intensify. The ClearShade unit offers industry-leading performance in shading, daylighting and energy-savings, and is the focus of study by research institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Daylighting Lab, Stanford University, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/US Department of Energy (DOE). It has demonstrated its versatility and performance in a broad range of applications over the past ten years.

The ClearShade unit utilizes a proprietary honeycomb core to reduce energy consumption and improve user comfort through these factors:

  • Outstanding Solar Heat Gain Control (0.14 at midday)
  • Light Shelf Properties
  • Improved Daylighting
  • Directional Transparency

Bonded Series Panels

Panelite's Bonded Series panels use honeycomb core technology to provide these benefits:

  • Up to 70% less raw material than translucent sheet materials (such as decorative resin panels) in comparable applications
  • Reduced installation materials required due to the panels' minimal weight and high resistance to deflection
  • A range of visibility to suit varying privacy needs, but always providing natural daylighting

Panelite now offers the Bonded Series panels in an expanded range of core and facing options. Please view an updated catalogue at

Other Product Lines: Laminated Series, Cast Polymer Series, Mica Laminates

All other product lines will no longer be offered. For information about alternate panel options, please contact a Panelite Design Consultant.

For more information or for samples of the ClearShade IGU or Bonded Series, please contact a Panelite Design Consultant by calling our New York or Los Angeles locations, view the catalogues online at, or e-mail us at

Image credits: ClearShade IGU, left two images, Henry Madden Library at CSUF, AC Martin Partners. Bonded Series, right two images, Lifetime Networks HQ, New York, HOK.


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