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Natives and Aliens

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Natives and Aliens

The 'Natives and Aliens' is the most recent TIGER Drylac® Power Coatings color selection that will be launched later this month (March 2012) in North America.

Inspired by Native Elements and other minerals and metals, and influenced and motivated by current sentiments to love the planet, the 'Natives and Aliens' selection puts the spotlight on the significance of the elements. Metal and minerals have always been considered of high value and elegance. As we go through tough economical times, we tend to seek refuge in the long lasting versus the ephemeral, the permanent versus the transient, the objects that generate an emotional bond with our minds. Color and finish have the affinity to build such invisible touching bonds with us and therefore bridge the visual and emotional impressions to stay with us for long time.

Natives and AliensThe 'Natives' colors are inspired by 'Native Elements' that occur in nature in uncombined form as well as by 'Native Cultures' that drape us with endless accounts of mystery. This color selection imparts stability, draws attention to the worth of minerals and metals, and gravitates around the homecoming to nature to confer gratitude to Mother Earth for its kindness and magnificence.

Polished copper turns into mysterious 'Maya'; a dark aubergine with an interesting starry flicker. Brushed copper develops into 'Navajo'; a stylish brownish copper with a muted shine to it, and antique copper transforms into 'Nunavut'; a modern version of an old-fashioned finish. 'Nunavut' is available in a candy glossy version that transforms into chocolate matte brown when top coated with a matte transparent powder coating. Gold converts into shimmering 'Aztec' and increases in depth when top coated with a clear glossy top coat. Brushed nickel seems to passionately howl the recollections of 'Geronimo' into our present days. And finally the 'Natives' are fasten with 'Sparkle Silver' that twinkles with an unmatched spark.

The 'Natives' color selection unearths earthy tones with a scent from the past and a twenty-first century twist. It interlinks muted hushed nickel with pearlescent gold and sparkling aluminum finishes.

In contrast to the 'Natives', the 'Aliens' are motivated by the shift in consciousness attributed to the end of the Mayan calendar and all current theories considering life on Earth, as we know it, the result of alien conspiracies with our ancestors over thousands of years ago. The 'Aliens' color selection creates a celestial divergence with the 'Natives' and complements its splendor.

A bronze tone is reflected by 'Andor' providing an impression from the past with a modern receptivity. Gilded bronze metamorphoses into 'Orion' and oil-rubbed bronze smolders into cosmic 'Black Star'; a flat matte finish with no beginning or ends, just a continuation of the darkness. A burnished antique twirls into 'Zokuna'; a glossy with a transparent candy tone. Matte antique is transmuted into 'Nibiru' with a chameleon effect that makes the color pass from black to purple through green. 'Nibiru' is available in two versions; matte and glossy. Old brass transforms into 'Carina'; a deep brownish glossy candy finish that becomes matte when top coated with a clear flat matte. 'Chameloid' is a depiction of a brushed brass finish with an unusual color travel effect that turns from light beige into light purple providing a short-lived delight. 'Tandar' is a gracious version of lacquered brass with tones of light greens and hints of invisible blues; it is a delight to the eyes. The 'Aliens' conclude with 'Kromezone', a high gloss polished chrome that is muted down a notch when top coated with a clear glossy powder coating.

The 'Aliens' color selection juxtaposes shimmery with dimmed and hybridizes them into extraterrestrial transparent and shape shifting finishes creating an unusual yet alluring appearance.

The 'Natives and Aliens' color selection is offered in an exterior non architectural powder coating grade suitable for exterior and interior applications. The muted, dimmed, shiny, shimmering, polished and brushed metallic and pearlescent special effects are a designer's finale moment and an evolution in the color and finishes space. The selection is well suited to a variety of market segments including furniture, lighting, railing, store fixtures and other areas where the visual and the form are an integrated part of the designer's creation.


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