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Federal Brace Introduces 10 New Countertop Supports

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Laura Rowlett
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Federal Brace

Federal Brace, the designer and producer of quality countertop support products, recently announced the release of 10 new styles in their countertop support and bracket family. These designs augment the large selection of countertop supports already available under the Federal Brace brand. 

Federal Brace

The company has added five new shapes to the gusseted L-shaped countertop support brackets. The Angeln, Pickett, Union Jack and Bellhaven countertop support all utilize the decoratively shaped gusset cross plate between the support flanges while their sister style, the Hagendoorn, adds a plate gusset with a round rod gusset to provide a beautifully unique look. 

Added to the elevated counter supports line is the San Juan countertop support. This wonderful design is a close relative to the company’s popular San Marino. The San Juan adds a round road gusset with it plate gusset to give it a unique and attractive appearance. 

Federal Brace Brunswick

The Carrier Countertop Support Bracket is a design that utilizes the features of Federal Brace’s hidden countertop products while adding the strength of a support gusset that runs the length of the bracket. A short profile and tremendous strength are the unique characteristics of the Carrier Countertop Support. 

Federal Brace has also released its first designs within an entirely new support application. The company’s new Enterprise Support, Foremont Support and Perrine Decorative Support styles are all part of the countertop mounted support brackets. The use of the brackets within this application type is to support an elevated bar directly from the lower countertop level. The brackets are mounted directly to the sub-counter and elevated a counter or bar on support plates at the top of the bracket. 

Federal BraceAll of these new styles of countertop support brackets will join Federal Brace’s current line of sleek and dependable brackets to provide the largest selection of decorative, solid steel supports available! “With this collection of invariably elite countertop brackets and supports, our customers have a greater option in the style they want and also in the application in which they want to mount their countertops,” said Cathy Morgan, general manager of Federal Brace.


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